Hi πŸ‘‹, I'm Jignesh Sanghani

Fullstack web developer with extensive experience in blockchain and finance industries. Let me help bring your vision to life today.

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    Analytics tools other than google analytics
    There are lots of other tools than google analytics though, GA is good for basic, we are going to see other analytics tools/platform which gives you a better solution for your website. since we know about google analytics tools. so, I am not going to tell here these are honorable mentions by my team.
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    More than you know basic console logging in JavaScript
    while coding with javascript you used console many times. but most of the time most developers just use console.log including myself. but as you know console is an object has many methods using which we can make our debug more effectively than console.log. as you type in browser console you see a list of other methods, which will explain some of the essential methods here.
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    Laravel project file permission on server
    File permission is most important while you making your project live. because if you give file permission 777 means anyone can read-write-execute your file. this is the thing hacker might want and add the hacky script on your file and steal your users' data whoever runs that file.
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    Laravel multi language site
    Today I'll share my knowledge in laravel localization. setting up a multi-language site is not an easy task. somehow laravel makes it very easy for you. so let's dive into further in laravel localization.
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